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We use Digital Marketing tools to identify market activity and analyse the level of competition in projected target market. This can help to size the opportunity and it can inform your digital marketing strategy in terms of planning your export marketing approach.   We also identify the relevant market size, what your prospective customers are using to look for your product /service. The competitors in this space and how they are performing.  Termanology is market specific and will change from region to region.  Prior knowledge and insight can inform the messaging as well as the approach.

Optymise has significant local knowledge in Asia, USA and Europe. 

We enjoy International markets, diverse cultures,  growth opportunities. Many of our clients wish to remain nameless due to sensitive market exploration.

Client 1: The client employed Optymise to find new market opportunities.

We used Big Data and Online Trends along with industry knowledge to identify niches 1 million + for market opportunities in New Zealand Based Travel Business.

Client 2: The Client employed Optymise to research international wool clip and processing.

We used Big Data coupled with Search Data and Brand Analysis, International wool processing supply chain to research opportunities for wool clip consolidation to 1 scouring plant in mainland China.

Client 3: The Client wanted to explore the export opportunity for unique Italy products e.g. Amalfi Lemons to Chineses market.

Optymise used market knowledge, relationships and Data to research opportunities for Export of Lemons to China.

Client 4: The Client asked Optymise to help develop culinary tourism niche.

Optymise employed data, industry trends analysis and collaboration with local interested parties in Italy, China, Vietnam and Thailand to identify niche markets to open for culinary tourism.