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5 key digital marketing strategies to help middle market companies successfully expand into global markets.

 Whether your business is new to exporting or is already selling internationally, incorporating these approaches into your digital marketing can help take your company’s global growth to the next level.

1. Leveraging Digital Tools and Content to Help Customers Find You
With more than 3 billion global Internet users, middle market companies can reach buyers virtually anywhere without the traditional risks of early market exploration. Leverage digital marketing through a three-step process:

  1. Study buyers’ needs, post useful information via a sound content marketing strategy.
  2. Help them meet those needs.
  3. Collect more details about them in future interactions. ( Get to know them)

2. The World is getting smaller – Embracing the Global Nature of Markets.
Once buyers find you, you need to manage transactional details like payments, shipping processes and sales terms. By embracing the global nature of the Internet, you can move gradually with low cost and risk, build a seamless pipeline, expand incrementally and invest where you encounter opportunity.

3. Target Markets based on Data
The more you collect global data through prospect and buyer interactions, the more you will learn. You’ll create a heat map of market activity – where there’s interest, and where your leads, prospects and sales come from. Now you can target markets based on your own data rather than relying solely on third parties.

4. Rollout Global Programs Incrementally and learn
As you start to understand local market requirements and buying expectations, you can gradually add local language SEO optimisation and local keywords for local search engines ( Google is not available to the whole world), index on local search engines and add microsites with the local top level domain (for example, .in for a website in India, China, Italy…).

5. Incrementally expand your sales channels
Finally, integrate digital sales channels through e-commerce, local sales representatives and insights on favored sales channels from local sales prospects. Just as you used an incremental approach to enter the market, you can also incrementally expand your sales channels once established.

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